Developing human activity at sea opens up new possibilities for the global economy, but increases environmental pressures. However, developing use of the sea in harmony with marine ecosystems is a major challenge.

Quiet-Oceans meets that challenge by providing manufacturers, environmental research consultancies, public bodies and marine mammal protection organizations, with solutions for ocean noise forecasting, monitoring and reducing anthropogenic noise impact.

Quiet-Oceans works in partnership with the research community to help understanding the impact of underwater anthropogenic noise on aquatic life.

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Smart-PAM: Real-Time Passive Acoustic Monitoring System
Quiet-Oceans received from Ségolène Royal, the French Ministry of the ENvironment, Energy and Oceans, the prize for the Smart-PAM project. The event was held at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris on 28 September 2016, in the presence of Louis Schweitzer, Commissioner-General for Investment, and Bruno Lechevin, President of the Environment and Control Agency for Energy.
Smart-PAM aims to industrialize a dedicated « smart and communicating » real-time buoy allowing to monitor in a dual way the marine environment and the pressures that it undergoes. The real-time services provided by the buoy will make it possible to exploit the diversity of underwater noise as indicators of the health of the ecosystem, to provide indicators of anthropogenic pressure related to the noise of maritime activities, and to provide to stakeholders with an operational interface for management and decision support.
This innovative system, developed in partnership with the company Sonsetc, spin-off of the Laboratory of Bioacoustic Applications of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Spain) and the Agency of Marine Protected Areas (France), will contribute to the good state of the marine ecosystems.
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Racket In The Oceans
Quiet-Oceans will present the outcome of the BIAS project, in partnership with FOI and Aquabiota, during the Internal Conference on Underwater Noise « Racket in the Oceans » in Paris. This conference is organised by the Observatory for Responsible Innovation, an independent international think tank, created with the purpose of thinking and debating new measures, concepts and methods to foster responsibility in innovation.
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Paris, France, 20th September 2016


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