Developing human activity at sea opens up new possibilities for the global economy, but increases environmental pressures. However, developing use of the sea in harmony with marine ecosystems is a major challenge.

Quiet-Oceans meets that challenge by providing manufacturers, environmental research consultancies, public bodies and marine mammal protection organizations, with solutions for ocean noise forecasting, monitoring and reducing anthropogenic noise impact.

Quiet-Oceans works in partnership with the research community to Levitra for sale help understanding the impact of underwater anthropogenic noise on aquatic life.

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Sea Tech Week – Brest 2014
International Marine Science and Technology Week
Brest, Online purchase viagra France – 13-17 october 2014

OCEANOISE2015 Conference
Thomas Folegot (Quiet-Oceans CEO) has been appointed as member of Very cheap viagra the science committee of the major upcoming international scientific conference OCEANOISE2015.
OCEANOISE2015 will bring together international leading experts in noise measurement, modeling and mapping, physiological and behavioural effects as well as regulation and mitigation procedures. OCEANOISE2015 format aims at Levitra professional favouring a dynamic exchange of the latest findings in the field of ocean noise in order to assist in providing ocean users with the best scientific knowledge and Levitra professional sale technical solutions to address operational and environmental issues.
Barcelona, Spain, 11-15 May 2015


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