Developing human activity at sea opens up new possibilities for the global economy, but increases environmental pressures. However, developing use of the sea in harmony with marine ecosystems is a major challenge.

Quiet-Oceans meets that challenge by providing manufacturers, environmental research consultancies, public bodies and marine mammal protection organizations, with solutions for ocean noise forecasting, monitoring and reducing anthropogenic noise impact.

Quiet-Oceans works in partnership with the research community to help understanding the impact of underwater anthropogenic noise on aquatic life.

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Quiet-Oceans’ team is proud to be involved in the Life – Sea Detect project to actively reduce ship strikes. Quiet-Oceans is leading the demonstration of an anti-collision infrastructure based on passive underwater acoustic sensors. The system will directly inform in real-time the vessel captains about the presence of Fin and Sperm whales ahead of them so that they can take appropriate actions to avoid collision. The demonstration is scheduled in summer 2024 and 2023 along the busiest shipping routes in the Pelagos Agreement area in the Mediterranean. Among the numerous partners of the project, the contributors in this ambitious tasks are Bureau Veritas | Marine & Offshore and Tethys Research Institute.


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