Developing human activity at sea opens up new possibilities for the global economy, but increases environmental pressures. However, developing use of the sea in harmony with marine ecosystems is a major challenge.

Quiet-Oceans meets that challenge by providing manufacturers, environmental research consultancies, public bodies and marine mammal protection organizations, with solutions for ocean noise forecasting, monitoring and reducing anthropogenic noise impact.

Quiet-Oceans works in partnership with the research community to help understanding the impact of underwater anthropogenic noise on aquatic life.

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Arctivities LOGOArctivities is an innovative operational service allowing to display indicators in the Artic marine activities.

Arctivities is an operational service developed in partnership with Noveltis to characterize the risk indicators indices related to the safety of activities at sea (transport, fishing, aquaculture, renewable energies) as well as ‘ their environmental impact’ on biodiversity in terms of noise pollution. Quiet-Oceans has contributed to noise modeling, by computing, thanks to Quonops, an estimate of spatio-temporal distribution of anthropic noise levels.
Labège, France, 15th November 2019

QOS: the first global Online Prediction System for Ocean Noise awarded
Quiet-Oceans is proud to have been awarded at the the Ocean Innovation Award from ADECAN, in partnership with Institut océanographique, Fondation Albert Ier, Prince de Monaco, Energy of the sea and Cluster Maritime Français for the developpement of Quonops Online Services, the first Global Online Prediction System for Ocean Noise.
Quonops Online Services is generated using E.U Copernicus Marine service information.
Paris, France, 20th September 2018


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