Developing human activity at sea opens up new possibilities for the global economy, but increases environmental pressures. However, developing use of the sea in harmony with marine ecosystems is a major challenge.

Quiet-Oceans meets that challenge by providing manufacturers, environmental research consultancies, public bodies and marine mammal protection organizations, with solutions for ocean noise forecasting, monitoring and reducing anthropogenic noise impact.

Quiet-Oceans works in partnership with the research community to help understanding the impact of underwater anthropogenic noise on aquatic life.

News – Meet us

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Invitation to a talk
Quiet-Oceans was invited to give a talk at the prestigious Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
Cambridge, UK, 5th October 2017

COPERNICUS: Marine Week – Quonops(c) presentation
Quiet-Oceans present Quonops(c) at the Copernicus Marine Week in Brussel. The 5-Day Copernicus Marine Week has includes a dynamic roster of speakers representing the wide-ranging community that the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) touches, including: members of the Copernicus EU Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme ecosystem, the European Commission, CMEMS researchers & experts, and members of the blue economy.
Brussel, Belgium, 25 – 29 September 2017


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