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    Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Invitation to a talk
    Quiet-Oceans was invited to give a talk at the prestigious Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
    Cambridge, UK, 5th October 2017

    COPERNICUS: Marine Week – Quonops(c) presentation
    Quiet-Oceans present Quonops(c) at the Copernicus Marine Week in Brussel. The 5-Day Copernicus Marine Week has includes a dynamic roster of speakers representing the wide-ranging community that the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) touches, including: members of the Copernicus EU Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme ecosystem, the European Commission, CMEMS researchers & experts, and members of the blue economy.
    Brussel, Belgium, 25 – 29 September 2017

    Mercator Ocean and Quiet-Oceans have initiated a partnership to provide an operational service of underwater noise mapping to adress the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive under the umbrella of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. The partnership will enhance the CMEMS services as provider of oceanographic needed to provide an operational noise mapping service. The partnership will focus on demonstrations of coastal and operational noise mapping and analysis to fullfil descriptor 11.1.2 of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Contact us to know more.

    TSG Noise: News
    Quiet-Oceans’ is proud to announce the release of the communication report produced in the framework of the Technical Group Noise of the European Commission entitled « Management and monitoring of underwater noise in European Seas- Overview of main European-funded projects and other relevant initiatives. MSFD Common Implementation Strategy »

    Smart-PAM: Real-Time Passive Acoustic Monitoring System
    Quiet-Oceans received from Ségolène Royal, the French Ministry of the ENvironment, Energy and Oceans, the prize for the Smart-PAM project. The event was held at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris on 28 September 2016, in the presence of Louis Schweitzer, Commissioner-General for Investment, and Bruno Lechevin, President of the Environment and Control Agency for Energy.
    Smart-PAM aims to industrialize a dedicated « smart and communicating » real-time buoy allowing to monitor in a dual way the marine environment and the pressures that it undergoes. The real-time services provided by the buoy will make it possible to exploit the diversity of underwater noise as indicators of the health of the ecosystem, to provide indicators of anthropogenic pressure related to the noise of maritime activities, and to provide to stakeholders with an operational interface for management and decision support.
    This innovative system, developed in partnership with the company Sonsetc, spin-off of the Laboratory of Bioacoustic Applications of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Spain) and the Agency of Marine Protected Areas (France), will contribute to the good state of the marine ecosystems.
    Feel free to contact us for more information.

    Racket In The Oceans
    Quiet-Oceans will present the outcome of the BIAS project, in partnership with FOI and Aquabiota, during the Internal Conference on Underwater Noise « Racket in the Oceans » in Paris. This conference is organised by the Observatory for Responsible Innovation, an independent international think tank, created with the purpose of thinking and debating new measures, concepts and methods to foster responsibility in innovation.
    Follow the discussion on Twitter: #RacketInTheOceans!
    Paris, France, 20th September 2016

    Quiet-Oceans rated as company high quality of innovation by independent consultants CheckInnov

    Poursuing excellence, Quiet-Oceans turned to CCI Innovation to conduct an audit of its abality to manage and deliver innovation.The approach « CheckInnov », funded by the European program Horizon 2020 and conducted in accordance with European standard « CEN TS 16555-1 – Management System of Innovation », has highlighted a successful organization to the strategy, practice of open innovation, and with the culture of information sharing.

    Effect of Noise on Aquatic Life conference
    Quiet-Oceans will present results from four projects during the 4th international conference on the Effect of Noise on Aquatic Life conference.
    More at
    Dublin, Ireland, 11th-15th July 2016

    BIAS Project
    Baltic sea Information Acoustic Soundscape (BIAS) end of project workshop will be held in Gottenburg (Sweden) the 1-2 June 2016. Quiet-Oceans, as part of the BIAS consortium, is delighted to present the outcome of BIAS, including the soundscape maps. A demonstration of the GIS-based planning tool will be organized.

    MARVEN Project
    Quiet-Oceans has contributed to a major study on ocean noise for the European Commission as part of an international effort, enhancing its leading position.
    The EC has just published the final report of the MaRVEN study on the environmental effects of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from Marine Renewable Energy. In particular, MaRVEN provides an in-depth analysis of studies on the environmental effects of noise during installation and operation of wind, wave and tidal energy devices. Quiet-Oceans has provided comprehensice noise modeling for the study and contributed to field measurement.

    Video presentation of Quiet-Oceans
    Minute of the innovation | CoProduced by Technopole Brest Iroise & Tebeo

    Reducing the noise footprint of maritime traffic in Europe
    AQUO, European joint research project

    Research on ecosystem monitoring
    Quiet-Oceans participates with a chair of research on ecosystem monitoring


    AQUO Project
    Quiet-Oceans is co-authoring with Bureau Veritas a talk at the World Ocean Council Sustainable Ocean Summit.entitled: « AQUO project: Assessing the impact on marine fauna from shipping noise » in session « Marine Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and the Blue Economy – Challenges and Solutions at all Scales »
    Singapore, 9-11 November 2015

    Quiet-Oceans is proud to announce the issue of the « Guide to the environmental impact evaluation of tidal stream technologies at sea : GHYDRO »
    Quiet-oceans has taken the lead of the noise section. The main objective of this guide is to promote the environmental integration of a new type of construction at sea, for which there is very little feedback about the potential ecological impacts.

    The European Commission has selected Quiet-Oceans as part of a european consortium led by DHI to conduct a study on the environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewables
    This study will address the information gap by means of a large scale investigation including the environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions covering the entire lifespan of marine renewable energy devices and adress the analysis of the norms and standards related to noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewable energy systems.

    Offshore Wind 2015 Exhibition
    Quiet-Oceans at Offshore Wind 2015 Exhibition, the world’s largest offshore wind energy conference and exhibition.
    Visit us at Hall A – E22.
    Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10 – 12 March

    OCEANOISE2015 Conference
    Thomas Folegot (Quiet-Oceans CEO) has been appointed as member of the science committee of the major upcoming international scientific conference OCEANOISE2015.
    OCEANOISE2015 will bring together international leading experts in noise measurement, modeling and mapping, physiological and behavioural effects as well as regulation and mitigation procedures. OCEANOISE2015 format aims at favouring a dynamic exchange of the latest findings in the field of ocean noise in order to assist in providing ocean users with the best scientific knowledge and technical solutions to address operational and environmental issues.
    Barcelona, Spain, 11-15 May 2015

    BIAS Project
    Quiet-Oceans has participated to the progress meeting of the BIAS project held.
    BIAS (Baltic sea Information on Acoustic Soundscape) is a LIFE+ project with the ultimate goal to secure that the introduction of underwater noise is at levels that do not adversely affect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. BIAS will work towards this goal by bridging the gap between the indicators of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) descriptor 11 and actual management of human-induced underwater noise.
    For the BIAS project, Quiet-Oceans provides recommendations on measurement strategy, standards, and has the responsibility to provide the statistical soundscapes of the entire Baltic.
    Kerteminde, Denmark, 6-8 May 2014

    SUCCES day – Scientific meeting on supercomputing, the cloud and data storing
    Paris, France, 13-14 November 2013

    StukPlusConference organized by BSH
    Berlin, Germany, 30-31 October 2013,

    Marine Renewable Energy Symposium organized by SFH
    Brest, France, 9-10 October 2013

    Effect of Noise on Aquatic Life International Conference in Europe
    Budapest, HU, 11-16 August 2013,
    Quiet-Oceans presented a paper entitled « Seismic survey footprints in Irish waters: a starting point for effective mitigation »

    German newspaper article
    German newspaper article in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung about Quiet-Oceans activities and expertise.

    European Conference on Underwater Acoustics
    Corfu, Greece, 24-28 june 2013,
    2 invited papers

    Ship Noise & Vibration Conference
    London, UK, 19-20 june 2013,
    Invited presentation

    The effect of noise on aquatic life
    Read the article : « Ship Traffic Noise Distribution in the Strait of Gibraltar » in « The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life », Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 730, Popper and Hawkins (Eds.), 2012, pp 601-604.